How Classic Car Photograms started...

Many years ago, Rolf Beinroth, a friend and classic car dealer, suggested I take photograms of cars.

He liked my work and had a vintage BMW Dixie in his workshop in Ravensburg and said he’d love to have a photogram of it.

So I organized a roll of Kodak Endura photo paper, 50m long and 1.27m high, and drove there. We totally darkened the workshop and got to work. First the paper had to be cut for 4 exposures: one for the Dixie, one for a self-made e-scooter, one for a vintage motorcycle and one from a Mercedes Pagoda. 

It was a challenge to cut strips 2, 3 or 4 meters long, without creases or scratches, and to pack them individually for the respective exposures. Everything in complete darkness.

A sheet of photo paper was attached to the wall behind the vehicle and I triggered several flash units with different colored foils in front of them, exposing the photogram. After each exposure the paper was rolled and put in a lightproof tube.

I drove back to Munich the next day to have them developed. The suspense was almost unbearable but when the developed photograms rolled out of the developing machine, the feeling was sheer bliss.

... years later

... I was having lunch with someone and we were talking about my photograms, about all the different topics I had focused on.

When I told him the story about Dixie that I had almost forgotten about, he became very attentive. He thought that this could be very interesting to a colleague of his who is responsible for investments in art and classic cars at a large bank.

As it turned out the man was very excited about it as a project and thought his clients might be interested in owning such an exclusive, unique work of art.

That spurred me on to new work. I had to present new examples, optimize the complicated technical process and experiment with different color variations to finally be able to guarantee a smooth process. 


... we can offer you photograms of your favorite vehicle. An iconic image that nobody else has...

The extensive tests we have carried out on various color and brightness combinations now enable us to respond individually to your ideas.

After further tests, which we develop directly on site, we produce three different exposures.

After they have been developed in a special laboratory in Munich, you can choose your favorite from the 3 pictures. It will then be mounted on Aludibond and/or framed according to your wishes. A second picture can be purchased additionally on request, the third remains in our archive.

We offer our services worldwide. We come to you or you come to us.

Our transportation and delivery costs are included in the price in German-speaking countries. For other countries, travel and delivery costs will be charged extra. Please contact us for prices and additional information.